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Since its inception in April 2014, Chabad of Hanoi, a branch of Chabad of Vietnam, has been a spiritual oasis for the local Jewish community as well as tourists. Our Shabbat table has grown from five guests to an average of fifty; our monthly Jewish Kids Club has evolved into our exciting weekly Hebrew School and our holiday programs are well attended by a large percentage of the Jewish community as well as many visitors.

Thank G-d, in this short amount of time, Chabad of Hanoi has outgrown its original facility and has found it necessary to rent a larger space. With Hashem’s help, a spacious and welcoming facility in an ideal location was found, enabling Chabad of Hanoi to reach out to so many more individuals.  

We turn to you to partner with us and help us reach our goal in fundraising for this new facility in Hanoi;  a place to call home and a center catering to the Jewish needs of every Jewish local, visitor and IDF soldier.

In a third-world, communist country such as Vietnam, our mission, at times, can prove to be quite challenging. It is only with the help and financial support of giving individuals such as yourself that we are able to continue our important work in this far flung corner of the world.

As we usher in a new year, may Hashem repay you and your loved ones with a year of good health, happiness and the fulfillment of all your hearts’ desires.

Shana Tova U’Metuka!

 With much appreciation, 

 Rabbi Levi and Mushky Laine 

We Thank Our Recent Partners
David Ehrlich
Meryl Goldstein
Thank you for hosting my son, Samuel, for kabbalat Shabbat during his brief visit in Viet Nam. May you be blessed for bringing the light of Torah and the warmth of Yiddishkeit into this corner of the world.
Gary Erlbaum
Yehonatan Malichi
Orly Bar Kima
Zvi Koren
Thanks Rabbi Levi and Rabbanit Mushky for the wonderful Shabbat Shirah on January 26-27. Be'ezrat Hashem we'll meet again with the rest of my family. Prof. Zvi Koren from Ra'anana.
Shay Weiss
לכבוד הבית חב"ד המסור של האנוי והרב לוי ורעייתו ומשפחתם הי"ו ולרפואת הדר בת יפה וללידה קלה בעיתה ובזמנה לאשתי שתחי' עינת יהודית בת רבקה