Holiday schedule 2023 חגי תשרי תשפ"ד

Please RSVP

Rosh Hashanah ערב ראש השנה


Sep 15, 2023, Tefila and dinner 5:30pm at Phuong Nguyen Restaurant, 51/52 To Ngoc Van RSVP

Sep 16, 2023, Tefila and lunch 9:00am, at Chabad  RSVP

Sep 16, 2023, Tefila and dinner 2nd night, 7:00 pm, at Chabad   RSVP

Sep 17, 2023, Tefila and lunch 2nd day, 9:00am, at Chabad RSVP

Sep 17, 2023, Tashlich and last Shofar at 66 Quang Ba 

Followed by Arvit and Havdalah, 6:31pm at Chabad 


Yom Kippur יום כיפור


Sep 24, 2023, Pre fast meals 1-4pm at Chabad  RSVP

Sep 24, 2023, Candle lighting and Kol nidrei 5:20pm  RSVP

Sep 25, 2023, Tefila 9:30am  RSVP

Sep 25, 2023, Neila followed by Shofar 4:30pm  RSVP

Sep 25, 2023, Post fast meals 7:00pm - 9:00pm at Chabad  RSVP


Sukkot חג הסוכות


Sep 29, 2023, Tefila and dinner in the Sukkah 5:20pm RSVP

Sep 30, 2023 Tefila and lunch in the Sukkah 9:45am  RSVP

Sep 30, 2023, Tefila and dinner diaspora 2nd night, 6:30pm (no havdala)  RSVP

Oct 1, 2023, Lulav and etrog, Tefila and lunch in the Sukkah 10:00am  RSVP

Oct 2-5, 2023, we are open 12-7pm  RSVP

Oct 6, 2023, Shmini Atzeret holiday, Hakafot and dinner, 5:15pm  RSVP

Oct 7, 2023, Shmini Atzeret tefila and lunch, 9:45am  RSVP

Oct 7, 2023, Simchat Torah Hakafot and dinner 6:30pm  RSVP

Oct 8 Simchat Torah everyone gets an aliyah! 10:00am, followed by lunch.  RSVP


May you be inscribed and sealed for a happy and healthy sweet new year!

כתיבה וחתימה טובה 

לשנה טובה ומתוקה